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Let’s be honest, our dogs are weird. They sniff butts, eat other dogs poop and are just big goof balls. We are always perplexed by their goofy behavior. These dogs will make you feel better that your dog isn’t the only awkward one out there.

Check out these 30 awkward dogs that will make your day better.

1. "I just love you so much."

2. "Sit"... Did I do it right?

Awkward Dog Sitting
credit: Instagram

3. Not all dogs are photogenic.

4. Let's just say he lost that round of hide and seek

Awkward hide and seek dog
credit: awww-cute.tumblr

5. "Awe how cute..."

Awkward Husky

6. Belly Flop!

Awkward Labrador in Pool

7. Brows on fleek

Awkward Chihuahua
credit: Instagram

8. Surprise!

Awkward Dog Jump
credit: Reddit

9. Nom Nom Feet

Awkward Dog Eating Feet
credit: Reddit

10. So seductive...

Awkward Cross-dressing dog
credit: sadanduseless

11. "Shotgun"

Awkward dog in car

12. Grow your own labrador

Awkward Dog in Potting Plant
credit: imgur

13. Suns out, tongues out

Awkward Dog Tongue
credit: cutesypooh

14. "You talkin' to me?"

Awkward Little Dog
credit: cutesypooh

15. I think this dog is broken.

Awkward Husky Tongue Out
credit: imgur

16. Ridin' dirty

Awkward Riding Dog
credit: buzzfeed

17. BatDog

Awkward Pitbull
credit: cutesypooh

18. So that's where my shirt went...

Awkward Dog in Shirt
credit: cutesypooh

19. I guess his eyes taste amazing

20. Leaked footage from the new exorcist movie

Awkward Dog Head Turn
credit: cutesypooh

21. "What do you mean we're not going to the dog park?!"

Awkward Dog in Car
credit: Reddit

22. Playing fetch isn't as easy as it looks

Awkward dog playing fetch
credit: imgur

23. Shake it like a polaroid picture

Awkward Dog Shake
credit: imgur

24. He was a skater boi, they said he's a good boi

Awkward Dog Skating
credit: imgur

25. "Cheeseeeee"

Awkward Dog Smile
credit: imgur

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