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If there’s anything the internet loves more than Harry Potter, it’s adorable dogs. Remus the long-haired Dachshund gives us a little bit (or a lot, really) of both. Did I drink felix felicis today? Finding this video sure feels like it.

You may remember a little book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but have you read Hairy Pupper and the Sorcerer’s Bone?

Well, it’s not a full-length novel or feature-length film (yet), but you can find a much furrier Harry Potter spin-off on Youtube and Instagram.

As you can see, Remus is not just any muggle pup. Beyond his Harry Potter-inspired, Lupine name, Remus is fully immersed in the magical world of witches and wizards, spells and cauldrons, phoenixes and nifflers (who I’m sure he’s very good friends with).

He might not respond to “sit”, “stay”, or “come”, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t well-behaved and well-trained. No – instead, Remus responds only to Harry Potter spells. And boy does he know a lot of them! What a good boy.

Remus will ascend to “Ascendio”, descend to “Descendo”, he’ll jump up and stand on his hind legs at the call of “Windardium Leviosa” (that’s Levi-OH-sa, not Levio-SAH), and fall to the ground to “Avada Kedavra” – but don’t worry, he always gets back up.

His owner, clearly a skilled witch, has trained him to appear when she waves her wand and says “Revelio”, to retrieve a ball when she says “Accio Ball”, and to go to the door at “Alohamora” (given the lack of height and opposable thumbs, he does still need magical intervention to open it, of course).

You can find a full demonstration of Remus’ magical abilities here, though of course, a young wizard’s education is never truly over.

Remus’ Instagram account shows him from his tiny pup beginnings to the blossoming wizard he is today, but his journey is far from over. You can keep up with his adventures as he grows from wee pup, to powerful sorcerer, to wizened old warlock.

Perhaps someday he’ll become a Hogwarts professor, or a powerful auror, or even the Minister of Magic himself. But for now, I’m enjoying watching him learn and practice magic. And fierce wizard though he may be, Remus also enjoys the softer side of life – including cuddles with his owner and long naps.

I don’t think he needs to visit Madam Pomfrey for a sleeping draught too often. Based on his Instagram and Twitter, Remus is unlike his namesake, Remus Lupin, in that he remains 100% dog, 100% of the time (as far as we can tell).

But that’s alright – this pup is a valuable asset to Gryffindor house, no matter his form. And like Remus Lupin, you want this little floof on your side in any battle – he is especially an expert at the notoriously difficult charm, Expecto Patronum, which is no surprise given that this spell relies on feelings of joy. That’s something that clearly comes naturally to Remus.

His mama, Anna Brisbin, is always looking for new spells to teach this young wizard, so feel free to lend your ideas to his magical training! His time at Hogwarts (or…Dogwarts?) is far from over. And from the looks of things, he is truly the smartest pup of his age. Six million points to Gryffindor!

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